SMARTSPECTOR artificial perception engineering
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The next generation traffic sensor


Motion analysis and number plate recognition

By mastering evaluative motion-analysis and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) within a compact smart camera, Smartspector is trend setting for next generation traffic sensors. With Smartspector’s novel approach, a single sensor suffices to precisely determine the trajectory and the identity of a vehicle.

Compactness and efficiency

PumilioTM LPR is the most compact all-in-one number plate recognition system in the world. Its combination with sophisticated power-saving measures and high-performance algorithms add up to an unequalled compactness and overall efficiency of all Smartspector applications.

Privacy protection and data security

Smartspector particularly placed emphasis on data protection and data security. By applying the pioneering Smartspector IanusTM-technology, the communication and storage of personal data is dodged. These preventive measures open up for a huge variety of new ANPR-applications in public places.