SMARTSPECTOR artificial perception engineering
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Smartspector Stop!Detector

Smartspector Stop!Detector®

Evaluation of motorists' behaviour at stop lines

Smartspector Stop!Detector® is the one and only traffic detector with the capability to perceive presence, motion and identity of a vehicle by means of a single image sensor.  more...

Smartspector Red!Detector

Smartspector Red!Detector®

Junction monitoring without loops

Smartspector's patented evaluative motion analysis enables Red!Detector® to operate without external detectors such as inductive loops; the related installation effort, fuzziness and failure could be entirely abandoned.  more...

Smartspector Pumilio

Smartspector PumilioTM LPR

The most compact number plate recognition system in the world

With only 185 grams in weight, less than 150cm³ in size, and an overall power consumption below 3 watt, Smartspector created definitely the most compact all-in-one ANPR system in the world.  more...

Smartspector Mobile

Smartspector Mobile

Self-sufficient instrumentation for mobile applications

Smartspector's mobile equipment, based on PumilioTM and AuroraTM, implement easy handling, compactness, and minimum power consumption for a multitude of applications.  more...

Smartspector Porta

Smartspector PortaTM

Highly reliable access management

Smartspector PortaTM LPR is Smartspector's top quality equipment for number plate based access management.  more...

Smartspector Pardus

Smartspector PardusTM

Perception beyond human receptiveness

Smartspector PardusTM LPR is designed towards maximum data throughput to meet specific requirements for a compact and highly reliable vehicle detection and number plate recognition on motorways.  more...